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2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

Using real-world evidence to transform care

Kaiser Permanente Southern California uses real-world evidence to transform the care we provide our members and to improve knowledge of health care providers across the globe. Our research is based on real-world clinical encounters with a large, stable, and ethnically diverse patient population.

The 2017 Department of Research & Evaluation Annual Report details through stories and statistics how the close collaboration between physicians, researchers, and pharmacists allows us to address important questions that arise in practice and answer them with real-world evidence. This collaboration translates into better care at Kaiser Permanente that is then shared with the medical community and the communities we serve.

The Annual Report opens with a message from our senior director, Steven J. Jacobsen, MD, PhD, who shares some of the reasons that Kaiser Permanente Southern California is an ideal setting for real-world studies: Our researchers are embedded within a large health care organization that includes a robust electronic health records, integrated care, and expertise at using those resources to find real-world answers.

The feature stories in the 2017 Annual Report focus on:
  • Targeting outreach to reduce lead levels in children
  • Using real-world evidence to inform decision-makers about vaccine effectiveness
  • Creating better ways to determine hypertension in children and exploring disparities in hypertension
  • Producing real-world evidence from our cancer clinical trials
  • Finding solutions to real-world clinical problems is what fuels our biostatisticians
  • Developing decision-support tools that allow physicians in easily determine risk

The Annual Report also includes information about our grants and contracts, our research findings, program and funding overview, a list of our investigators, and the details on the more than 420 articles we published this year.

Read the full report here.

Feature Stories from the 2017 Annual Report

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