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IMPACT May 2024

May 29, 2024

Focus Feature: Investigating the barriers to saving lives through colonoscopies

Study shows some patients take 2nd at-home fecal test to delay colonoscopy

A study of 316,443 patients showed that 7.4% of them repeated fecal testing rather than proceeding directly to colonoscopy as guidelines recommend. Of  those who repeated home tests, over half did not have a colonoscopy within one year.


R&E News and Features

  • Study sheds light on needs of young people who survive cancer

    Emergency department use was common for adolescent and young adult cancer survivors within 5 years of a cancer diagnosis, and differences in use were associated with social and demographic factors and cancer type.

  • Moderna bivalent COVID-19 vaccine protection wanes over time

    Moderna BA.4/BA.5 bivalent vaccine effectiveness against infection, emergency department and urgent care visits, and hospitalization with BA.4/BA.5-related and XBB-related sublineages waned over time and differed by infecting variant. 

  • Pfizer COVID bivalent booster protects well against hospitalization

    Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2 BA.4/5 bivalent mRNA vaccine helped protect against a range of COVID symptoms and was effective against the COVID XBB strain sublineages. 

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