Kaiser Permanente Research Bank

The Kaiser Permanente Research Bank is an organization-wide initiative to build a core research resource that collects and stores high-quality biospecimens and health information to enable translational research in genomics and related areas.

Kaiser Permanente makes this core resource—including de-identified medical record information, a health survey and biospecimens—available to scientists who apply to use the information for genetic, epidemiological, and other scientific research. Using this resource, Kaiser Permanente investigators and external collaborators conduct research on the relationship between genetic factors and their interaction with other factors and health and disease outcomes. Learn more about how to use this resource here.

Kaiser Permanente members and employees over 18 years old participate by filling out a consent form, taking a brief health survey, and giving a small blood sample. Learn more about participating in this study here.

Recruitment and other activities of the Kaiser Permanente Research Bank within Southern California are led by site principal investigator Deborah Rohm Young, PhD, MBA, and the local Kaiser Permanente Research Bank team.