Our support teams

Teams within the Department of Research & Evaluation provide business, operational, technical, and creative support for the Kaiser Permanente Southern California research program. Our staff bring diverse skill sets and knowledge, from grants management and administration to information technology and analytics.

  • Central Business Office

    The Central Business Office provides institutional support and oversight for research studies within the Department of Research & Evaluation and at medical centers across Kaiser Permanente Southern California. The group’s areas of expertise include sponsored projects administration, finance, procurement, and compliance assurance support.

  • Division Administration

    Each of the scientific divisions is supported by a Division Administration team, which handles administration and managerial functions so that the investigators in their divisions and at medical centers can focus more time on the conduct of research. The team works closely with the other support and services groups to ensure the division’s day-to-day operations run smoothly.

  • Operations

    The Operations team advocates for the research program’s operational needs, leads strategic change initiatives, and provides operational services for researchers and staff. The team also manages a biospecimen processing and storage center in North Hollywood, California, and the Clinical Research Center in Pasadena, California.

  • Research Database & Clinical Informatics

    The Research Database & Clinical Informatics team develops and maintains a rich network of research data systems, databases, research applications, and registries. Expertise includes natural language processing, text information extraction, image processing and analysis, machine learning, predictive modeling, database development and management, and data integration.

  • Information Technology

    The Research Information Technology team keeps vital systems and functions running steadily and securely, providing services ranging from desktop support to database administration. The in-house IT team works closely with the larger Kaiser Permanente’s IT organization to maintain a secure and stable environment for research data.

  • Program Management Office

    The Program Management Office is a centralized team that coordinates and manages high-impact projects within the Department of Research & Evaluation. Using industry-standard project management methodologies, the PMO helps increase value to projects and the department’s operations. It serves as an umbrella over a portfolio of projects that drive toward strategic growth and operational efficiency.

  • Communications

    The Research Communications team helps raise awareness about our transformative research program through a variety of promotional methods, including media, social media, newsletters, and the website. The team also supports internal communication and provides in-house editorial and creative services to investigators and staff.