Partnerships that advance health

Kaiser Permanente Southern California involvement in research stems from our commitment to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. This mission-driven approach shapes the way we engage with collaborators.

At the start of any collaboration, researchers here will evaluate whether the project offers potential benefits to Kaiser Permanente and our members. Research collaborations should advance knowledge about health conditions that affect Kaiser Permanente members and, when possible, uncover new evidence to guide clinical practice and health care operations.

If a study will directly involve Kaiser Permanente Southern California members or their protected health information, an investigator from our region must be involved. Researchers here understand Kaiser Permanente’s care delivery and information technology systems. We can provide valuable insights throughout the research process, from study design to interpretation of results.

Partner on a research project

Collaborators should begin by engaging an investigator from Kaiser Permanente Southern California. Our investigators have expertise in a wide range of research areas, including cancer, health services research and implementation science, vaccine safety and effectiveness, obesity and diabetes, maternal-child health, health economics, and behavioral health. You can learn more on our research section.

Get started with clinical trials

Sponsors interested in clinical trials should first contact our clinical trials team. More than 70 physicians at medical centers throughout the region serve as principal investigators. Formal clinical trials programs support adult and pediatric cancer research as well as infectious disease studies. Independent investigators run trials in 2 dozen therapeutic areas. For more information, visit our Clinical Trials section.

Manage contracts and awards

The Central Business Office team manages all contracts for investigators in our department and at Kaiser Permanente medical centers across Southern California. This ensures that contracts comply with institutional requirements as well as federal and state regulations.

Learn about Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Southern California is Kaiser Permanente’s largest region, serving over 4.5 million members. The member population reflects the racial and ethnic diversity of the region. Our clinicians provide care to people at all stages of life, from well-baby check-ups to end-of-life home health care.

A robust electronic health record, Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect®, links health information from different points of care. The Department of Research & Evaluation also supports several databases, research applications, and registries that support research and, in some cases, care delivery.

For more information about our region, visit the Fast Facts section.