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September 2021 IMPACT

Articles include:
  • Infant lung disease rates drop dramatically over 10-year effort
  • Vulnerable populations sought virtual care during pandemic
  • Bariatric surgery associated with better health for mothers

IMPACT SPECIAL EDITION: Illuminating the path through the pandemic, our 2020 Annual Report

Articles include:
  • Determining who is most at risk from COVID-19
  • Clinical trials bring hope during global pandemic
  • Searching for evidence to guide COVID-19 care
  • Scientists research masking adherence with communities across the country
  • Clinical trials are driving a revolution in stroke care
  • CDC disease detectives build bridges to national COVID-19 response

Impact August 11, 2021

Articles include:
  • COVID-19 vaccine trials for children are underway
  • Risk of severe COVID-19 higher for patients who recently needed asthma care
  • Where you live may affect your long-term survival after heart attack
  • Risk of blood clots more than 3-fold higher in hospitalized adults with COVID-19

IMPACT June 30 2021

Articles include:
  • Rates of heart failure deaths lower at Kaiser Permanente Southern California than U.S.
  • Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center to study experimental stroke drug
  • Marking an extraordinary year of clinical trials research
  • Kaiser Permanente members have higher survival rate after cancer diagnosis

IMPACT: May 6, 2021

Articles include:
  • Celebrating our extraordinary nurses
  • New Kaiser Permanente COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effect Monitoring System launches
  • Physical activity may reduce risk of poor COVID-19 outcomes
  • Child vaccination rates recovering since pandemic’s early days
  • Most patients’ end-of-life care wishes are met

IMPACT March 31 2021

Articles include:
  • Pneumonia vaccine may affect course of COVID-19
  • Residents lead advances in understanding of “broken heart” syndrome
  • Diabetic eye damage reflects future cardiovascular risks
  • New CIRT research projects aim to improve care

IMPACT March 2021

Articles include:
  • Self-order option boosts colorectal cancer screening rates
  • Researchers examine association of preterm birth and chemicals in flame-retardant fabrics
  • Chest pain risk assessment may reduce treatment disparities

IMPACT Dec 2020

Articles include:
  • Progression of children’s myopia may be influenced by race and ethnicity
  • People on dialysis have higher risk from COVID-19
  • Seeking early detection for pancreatic cancer
  • Kaiser Permanente San Diego enrolling patients in monoclonal antibody trial

IMPACT November 2020

Articles include:
  • Scientists and physicians conduct research to improve COVID-19 testing and treatment
  • Value of quick noninvasive follow-up tests for chest pain patients questioned
  • Applying epidemiology to change care delivery and improve health

Impact News October 2020

Articles include:
  • Insomnia in breast cancer survivors correlated with depression
  • Increasing physical activity, and health, through policy change

IMPACT Sept 2020

Articles include:
  • Obesity increases risk of death from COVID-19, particularly for men and younger people
  • Atypical femur fractures rise with longer bisphosphonate use
  • Improving care through research
  • Kaiser Permanente joins late-stage COVID-19 vaccine study

IMPACT July 2020

Articles include:
  • Few pregnant women admitted for delivery have COVID-19
  • EIS officer makes a difference here and abroad
  • 2019 R&E Annual Report now available
  • Screening cancer patients for distress (Story from the Annual Report)
  • Patient advisors revolutionize research (Story from the Annual Report)
  • Oncologists as clinical trials investigators (Story from the Annual Report)
  • Living longer and better after cancer

IMPACT May 2020

Articles include:
  • Launching a clinical trial in the midst of a pandemic
  • Video: Clinical trials
  • Stroke program integrates clinical trials
  • English and non-English speakers get equal treatment in emergency departments
  • Declines in heart attacks greater among men than women

IMPACT newsletter January 2020

Articles include:
  • Resident research improves patient care
  • New research sheds light on shingles
  • Meet our new clinician investigators
  • Dr. Brian Lim named Physician Researcher of the Year
  • New Cancer Clinical Trials office opens

Impact Newsletter October 2019

Articles include:
  • Severe morning sickness associated with higher risk of autism
  • Online physician ratings may not be accurate
  • Dr. Steven Jacobsen named ACE president-elect
  • National ACE conference draws health researchers to Pasadena

Impact Newsletter August 2019

Articles include:
  • End of life: Researchers seek to learn needs of sickest patients
  • Clinician Investigator seeks to identify early-stage pancreatic cancer
  • Mom's diabetes could influence child's risk of autism or ADHD
  • RSV infection can be deadlier than flu in adults