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Our researchers collaborate within and outside Kaiser
Permanente to find new ways to advance health.

Collaborate with Us

Research partnerships that make a difference in health

Kaiser Permanente Southern California involvement in research stems from its commitment to improve the health of its members and their communities. This mission-driven approach shapes the way the research program engages with collaborators.

At the start of any collaboration, researchers here will evaluate whether the project offers potential benefits to Kaiser Permanente and its members.

Research collaborations should advance knowledge about health conditions that affect Kaiser Permanente members and, when possible, uncover new evidence to guide clinical practice and health care operations.

Getting Started

Collaborators should begin by engaging an investigator from Kaiser Permanente Southern California. Researchers here understand Kaiser Permanente’s care delivery and information technology systems. They can provide valuable insights throughout the research process, from study design to interpretation of results.

If a study will directly involve Kaiser Permanente Southern California members or their protected health information, an investigator from the region must be involved.

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