Dr. Wansu Chen headshot

Wansu Chen, PhD, MS

Research Scientist II

Division of Epidemiologic Research




Dr. Wansu Chen is a clinical informatics scientist in the Division of Epidemiology within the Department of Research & Evaluation.  With a background in both biostatistics and computer science, Dr. Chen’s research focuses on the application of machine learning and statistical methods to predict risks of various medical conditions for the purpose of better management or early detection.  She also collaborates with natural language processing specialists to extract disease symptoms based on deep learning approaches. 

As the founder of the Research Data Warehouse— which has supported many studies in the Kaiser Permanente Southern California research program—Dr. Chen has insight into the data used for EMR-based research, including strength and limitation. She has been writing (or collaborating with co-workers to write) articles introducing the Research Data Warehouse and specific data content areas for the research data at Kaiser Permanente Southern California.

Areas of Focus

  • Risk prediction using machine learning and statistical methods
  • Pancreatic cancer early detection
  • Asthma and chronic cough management
  • Stroke prevention in patients with silent cerebrovascular disease


PhD, Biostatistics
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California
MS, Biostatistics
University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
MS, Medical Statistics
Shanghai Medical University II
Shanghai, China
BS, Computer Science
Fudan University
Shanghai, China