Dr. Bechien Wu

Bechien U. Wu, MD, MPH

Physician Director

Division of Clinician Research

Chair, Regional Research Committee


Dr. Bechien Wu is a gastroenterologist specializing in pancreatology at the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center. His primary focus is on pancreatic disorders including pancreatitis and various other conditions, both malignant and premalignant. Additionally, Dr. Wu has contributed significantly to risk-stratification in gastric cancer and has been a driving force in enhancing care for patients with hereditary cancer syndromes.

Dr. Wu’s research endeavors span a broad spectrum, incorporating large-scale prospective recruitment and retrospective observational studies, interven-
tion trials, and collaborations across multiple centers. Actively involved in both the teaching and research communities at Kaiser Permanente Southern California, he holds several leadership positions, including physician director for the Division of Clinician Research and chair for the Regional Research Committee within the Department of Research & Evaluation, and program director for the gastroenterology fellowship training program at the Los Angeles Medical Center.

Areas of Focus

  • Acute and chronic pancreatitis
  • Early detection of pancreatic cancer
  • Gastrointestinal cancer screening and prevention


New York University
New York, New York
Harvard University
Boston, Massachusetts

Honors and Awards

  • 10th Annual Recognition of Faculty Research Award, Los Angeles Medical Center
  • Excellence in Clinical Teaching, Harvard Medical School
  • Clinician Investigator Award, Southern Permanente Medical Group, 2017-2019