A dual commitment to caregiving and education: Terry Reyna, RN

Working as an oncology research nurse at Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center enables Terry Reyna to combine the 2 greatest passions of her life: A steadfast dedication to helping others and a lifelong commitment to education.

As a child, Terry knew she wanted to be a nurse, but her life took a different turn when she decided to marry and start a family. After staying home for more than 10 years raising her 4 children, she returned to school to pursue her nursing career.

“My hobby is learning,” she said. “I love going to school and continuing my education to become a knowledgeable nurse to improve patient outcomes, better the quality of life for cancer patients and serve the organization effectively.”

Terry has a long history with Kaiser Permanente, where she has worked for 5 years. “I was born at the Los Angeles Medical Center, and my mom was treated at Baldwin Park when she was diagnosed with breast cancer 22 years ago,” she said. “I admired the care that my mom received during chemotherapy infusions. Some of the health care team who treated her still work here.”

Colleagues appreciated her recent participation in the remdesivir clinical trial command center. In addition to sharing her medical expertise, she was a cheerleader for the trial, reminding team members of the importance of their work.

Because she was always the first to volunteer wherever she was needed, she also became involved with a vaccine clinical trial, administering vaccines to patients when there were gaps in clinical coverage.

Terry instilled her love of learning and dedication to serving others in her children. Her eldest son Brandon, 27, attends medical school in New York. Jacob, 25, is a firefighter/paramedic with the L.A. County Fire Department. Her daughter, Savannah, 23, will soon graduate from law school. Her youngest son, Owen, 21, is pursuing a degree in sports medicine.