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Dr. Kristi Reynolds and Dr. Jonathon Doris

About Us

Research Powers a Learning Organization

Research is an essential part of what it means to be a learning organization. At Kaiser Permanente, research helps us learn what we need to do to provide better care for our members and promote better health in the community.

Scientists, clinicians, and health care professionals work side-by-side to ask and answer questions that make a difference in health today. Is the shingles vaccine effective? Do antidepressants interfere with breast cancer treatment? How can we encourage people to pick up medication that protects heart health?

When we find answers, we translate them into practice. The impact of our work goes beyond conference presentations and scholarly publications. It changes clinical practice, transforms care delivery, and improves health.

Department Overview

More than 350 people work at the Pasadena, California-based Department of Research & Evaluation. The department is the primary hub of research for Kaiser Permanente Southern California, supporting research by full-time faculty members as well as medical center-based clinician researchers.

The research program emphasizes translational research studies that have the potential to improve clinical quality and health care affordability. Faculty members focus primarily on externally funded public domain research.

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Leadership Team
Scientific Leadership Administrative Leadership
Leadership Individual Photo
Steven J. Jacobsen, MD, PhD
Senior Director of Research
Leadership Individual Photo
Michael K. Gould, MD, MS
Director of Health Services Research & Implementation Science
Leadership Individual Photo
Kristi Reynolds, PhD, MPH
Director of Epidemiologic Research
Leadership Individual Photo
William J. Towner, MD, FACP, FIDSA
Regional Physician Director for Clinical Trials
Leadership Individual Photo
Anny Hui Xiang, PhD, MS
Director of Biostatistics Research
Leadership Individual Photo
Deborah Rohm Young, PhD, MBA
Director of Behavioral Research
Leadership Individual Photo
Syed M. Samiullah
Interim Administrative Leader
Leadership Individual Photo
Annie X. Chen, MBA
Director of Research Operations
Leadership Individual Photo
Barbara J. Farrell, MBA
Division Research Administrator
Leadership Individual Photo
Hai Linh T. Kerrigan, PharmD
Division Research Administrator
Leadership Individual Photo
Allan Slatkin, BS
Division Research Administrator
Leadership Individual Photo
Wansu Chen, PhD
Director of Clinical Informatics & Research Database Services
Leadership Individual Photo
Cristine E. Denver, MS
Director of Research Communications
Leadership Individual Photo
Kelvin L. Kelley, BS
Director of Business and Finance
Leadership Individual Photo
Kirt Patel, BS
Director of Research Information Technology