About Our Program

As a research center embedded within Kaiser Permanente’s large and dynamic health care system, our investigators have a unique opportunity to apply scientific expertise to real-world clinical problems, translate findings into practice, and share what we learn with the broader community.

Featured Scientist

Dr. Michael Girvigian headshot
Michael R. Girvigian, MD
Principal Investigator
Los Angeles Medical Center

Dr. Michael Girvigian is a radiation oncologist, assistant chief of the Department of Radiation Oncology, and co-director of the image-guided radiosurgery program for the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center and the Southern California Permanente Medical Group. His clinical focus is on the management of benign and malignant tumors of the brain and spine with the use of image-guided radiosurgery and radiotherapy. He also introduced the use of stereotactic body radiotherapy in the organization ...


Featured Image of News Story Titled: Kaiser Permanente joins late-stage COVID-19 vaccine study

Kaiser Permanente joins late-stage COVID-19 vaccine study

Today, Kaiser Permanente began participating in a phase 3 clinical trial to test an investigational vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Kaiser Permanente plans to enroll approximately 1,400 participants at 4 sites in California and Oregon. The goal for this trial is to enroll up to 30,000 participants at more ...

Improving care through research

The Care Improvement Research Team is a groundbreaking partnership in Kaiser Permanente Southern California, bringing researchers and clinicians together to improve health care quality and affordability for Kaiser Permanente members and people throughout the world. Through CIRT, research scientists team up with frontline clinicians to identify research questions that are important to patients and the ...

Annual report shows Kaiser Permanente Southern California research stretching the frontier of health

The growing need for solutions to important health questions requires innovative thinking beyond what experts know today. The Department of Research & Evaluation’s 2019 Annual Report, “Stretching the Frontier: Research Improving Health and Well-being,” illustrates some of the innovative ways Kaiser Permanente Southern California researchers and clinicians are working together toward answers to those questions. ...

Few pregnant women admitted for delivery have COVID-19

New research shows that few women admitted to Kaiser Permanente Southern California hospitals to give birth this spring tested positive for COVID-19. Those who did were asymptomatic, and none passed on the infection to their newborns. “We had heard from our colleagues in New York about the high rate of COVID-19 among pregnant women coming ...

Screening cancer patients for distress

When she was a new scientist at Kaiser Permanente Southern California, Erin E. Hahn, PhD, MPH, had an intense interest in cancer research. Oncologists invited her into their quarterly meetings so she could see and hear the challenges they faced. One of those challenges was depression and anxiety among cancer patients. Dr. Hahn and others ...


Featured Division

Clinical Trials Research

Our physician investigators conduct clinical trials in communities across Southern California, from Bakersfield to San Diego.

The Division of Clinical Trials Research advances medical innovation by supporting evaluation of new drugs, therapies, and devices to prevent and treat health problems. Our physician investigators work with cooperative groups and industry sponsors to conduct clinical trials for investigational drugs, biologics, and devices. In addition, the division develops pragmatic trials that help answer questions about care delivery.

The region has clinical trials programs in oncology (adult, gynecologic, pediatric, and surgical/radiation oncology), urology, gynecology, neurology, dermatology, metabolic diseases, nephrology, ophthalmology, infectious disease, cardiology, hepatology, vascular surgery, and rheumatology. Clinical trials staff support trials at medical centers and medical office buildings throughout the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Region.