Capabilities and resources to address real-world questions

We emphasize research that has the potential to make a difference in the care we provide within our system and beyond, including clinical research and health systems research. Our biostatistics and clinical informatics teams contribute expertise in study design, data management and analysis, and statistical methodology to turn health information into actionable findings.

Investigators within the department and at medical centers around the region have access to rich resources, from our data warehouse to lab services and clinical research space. Dedicated staff have the experience to support a broad range of projects, from data-only studies to clinical trials and qualitative research.

  • Clinically Relevant Research

    We conduct clinically relevant research across the spectrum of care, from prevention to treatment and beyond. Investigators have expertise in intervention studies, clinical trials (traditional and pragmatic), implementation research, safety and effectiveness research, and outcomes research. We use findings from our research to improve care for Kaiser Permanente members and the communities we serve.

  • Health Systems Science

    Our investigators have built a robust portfolio of health systems research, which contributes to a culture of continual learning within our system and influences clinical practices in the broader health care community. Researchers work closely with clinicians, quality improvement programs, and organizational leaders to identify clinically relevant questions and move actionable findings into practice.

  • Biostatistics & Clinical Informatics

    Working with real-world health information requires a team with robust and diverse skills, from biostatistics to clinical informatics and database development. Our collaborative biostatistician research scientists partner with investigators from our other scientific divisions, contributing expertise in study design, data analysis and interpretation, and statistical methodologies.

  • Information & Data Resources

    A rich ecosystem of information resources and technology supports research within our region and in collaboration with other sites. In addition to Kaiser Permanente’s electronic health record system, our research program has developed data systems and infrastructure to support a wide variety of studies and content areas.

  • Facilities & Laboratories

    The Department of Research & Evaluation has dedicated facilities and laboratory resources to support our research studies. The Clinical Research Center is located at our main offices in Pasadena, California. The department also has a biospecimen storage and processing unit in North Hollywood, California.

  • Project Support

    Each of our scientific divisions is supported by a dedicated team of project managers and research associates. Our experienced staff has significant experience with data-only studies as well as research projects and clinical trials involving participant recruitment. Their diverse skills set spans clinical research, survey research, and qualitative research. Many have master’s or doctoral degrees.

  • Kaiser Permanente Research Bank

    The Kaiser Permanente Research Bank is a program-wide initiative to build a core research resource with high-quality biospecimen and data collection to enable research studies related to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.