Scientific Leadership

  • Benjamin I. Broder, MD
    Interim Senior Director of Research
  • Huong Q. Nguyen, PhD, RN
    Interim Director of Health Services Research & Implementation Science
  • Kristi Reynolds, PhD, MPH
    Director of Epidemiologic Research
  • William J. Towner, MD, FACP, FIDSA
    Regional Physician Director for Clinical Trials
  • Anny Hui Xiang, PhD, MS
    Director of Biostatistics Research
  • Deborah Rohm Young, PhD, MBA
    Director of Behavioral Research

Administrative Leadership

  • Christine M. Ruygrok
    Interim Administrative Leader
  • Annie X. Chen, MBA
    Director of Research Administration
  • Barbara J. Farrell, MBA
    Division Research Administrator
  • Hai Linh T. Kerrigan, PharmD
    Division Research Administrator
  • Allan Slatkin, BS
    Division Research Administrator
  • Kim E. Kaiser
    Administrative Leader