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Research Scientists

Dennis Black, PhD

Adjunct Investigator
Research & Evaluation
100 S. Los Robles Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101-2453
Phone: 626-564-3916
Email Address:


  • PhD, Biostatistics, University of California, Berkeley, California

  • MA, Biostatistics, University of California, Berkeley, California

  • BS, Zoology, University of California, Berkeley, California

Research Interests

Dr. Black is a professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and the head of the Division of Chronic Diseases at UCSF. His research is focused on osteoporosis, and he has headed many large observational studies and randomized trials in this area. He was principal investigator and first author of the paper for the Fracture Intervention Trial. This was the main trial supporting the efficacy of alendronate, a drug used to reduce fracture risk that is used by approximately 80% of osteoporosis patients worldwide who are on treatment. He was also the PI and first author on the HORIZON-Pivotal Fracture Trial, the pivotal trial supporting the use of zoledronic acid in treating osteoporosis.

Dr. Black has also been the lead author on many other influential papers in the field, including a total of 10 in the New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of the American Medical Association, and Lancet. He is current leading the Foundation for NIH (FNIH) Bone Quality Project, which has a goal of establishing a surrogate measure for fractures that will greatly facilitate future clinical trials and the development of new osteoporosis medications. Dr. Black also has a strong interest in atypical femur fractures and is participating as co-PI on several studies in this area.

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