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Administrative Support

Administrative Support

Administrative Support

The Administrative Support Team provides robust administrative support to researchers at Kaiser Permanente Southern California. The group includes about 20 Research Administrative Analysts, most of whom support research scientists at the Department of Research & Evaluation. It also includes Administrative Assistants, who provide support to the department’s business units and leadership team.

Under the staffing model for department faculty, one Research Administrative Analyst typically provides support for two research scientists. Support can range from managing project budgets and processing paperwork to formatting manuscripts and designing scientific posters. The goal of this staffing model is to provide a level of a support that allows the scientists to focus their time and energy on scientific rather than administrative work.

Offsite Administrative Support Services (OSASS)

A small group of Research Administrative Analysts offers specialized administrative assistance for research project-related business to medical center-based physician. Click here to find out more about the group.

Admin Support Services

If you are interested in more information about our services, feel free to contact:
  • Contact Name: Administrative Support
  • Phone Number: (626)564-3455
  • Mailing Address: 100 S. Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, 91101
  • Email Address: