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Biostatistics, Programming, and Research Database Services

Biostatisticians, programmers, and database developers support a diverse array of research projects at the Department of Research & Evaluation, including epidemiologic investigations, behavioral health research, and health services research. They also support clinician researchers based at Kaiser Permanente Southern California’s medical centers.

Managers work with principal investigators to assign individual staff to projects based on their skill set and experience. This model promotes a collaborative culture among staff and encourages continual learning through exposure to a variety of research projects. It also provides more agile staffing for research projects.

The team includes more than two dozen biostatisticians and nearly 30 programmers and database developers. Areas of specialized expertise include natural language processing and research application development. The group also provides consultation services and assists with study design.

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If you are interested in more information about our services, feel free to contact:
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  • Phone Number: (626)564-3455
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