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Research Support

Project managers, research associates, and research assistants comprise a centrally managed research support team. Unlike other institutions, where staff may support a single project or investigator, individuals here have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects.

Managers work with research scientists and clinician researchers to assign staff to projects based on prior experience and desired skill sets. This model allows for more agile staffing of projects, promotes collaboration and cross-training among staff, and offers greater opportunities for professional development.

Support staff have diverse skill sets, ranging from phlebotomy and clinical assessment to chart abstraction and data analysis. Many are bilingual, an important asset given the diversity of the population Kaiser Permanente serves in Southern California.

Research Support Team

Research Support Services

Research Support staff provides the following services:

  • Literature review for grant applications, Institutional Review Board applications and/or manuscripts (identifying, obtaining and summarizing appropriate articles).
  • Facilitate focus groups (including developing topic guides, moderating and analyzing/summarizing results).
  • Phlebotomy and clinical assessments that may be required (e.g., anthropometric measurements, neuropathy screening, retinopathy screening, etc.).
  • Communication with multi-lingual and multi-cultural patient populations (Spanish, Korean, Tagalog, Chinese, and other languages).
  • Work with special populations (as defined by the Institutional Review Board): pregnant women, HIV-positive individuals, children, individuals of low literacy, etc.
  • Obtain medical records from a variety or sources including paper charts from within Kaiser Permanente Southern California, as well as, medical records from external facilities and providers.
  • Subject recruitment and consent.
  • Chart abstraction.
  • Data validation and analysis.
  • Database creation in Access, Excel, and/or SAS programs.

Research Support group has increased substantially to serve the needs of the growing pool of investigators and studies. Some of Research Support’s accomplishments include

  • Obtaining an excellent site performance evaluation from the Vaccine Safety Datalink sponsor (CDC and AHIP); garnering a "Meets Expectation" or "Above Expectation" in every category.
  • Conducting thousands of high quality medical chart reviews for both onsite and offsite research projects. Our quality was recognized by other study sites; some of whom adopted our procedures to improve their own quality.
  • The contribution to and the co-authoring of numerous manuscripts, abstracts and poster presentations in various health areas including vaccine safety, pharmacoepidemiology, diabetes, and oncology.
  • Developing relationships with local medical center physicians and providing an effective support mechanism to assist them with conducting their research.
If you are interested in more information about our services, feel free to contact:
Research Support Administrator
(626) 564-3455
100 S. Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, 91101