Kaiser Permanente - Deparment of Research and Evaluation
Clinical Trials Division

The Department of Research & Evaluation Clinical Trials Division promotes research that focuses on advancing the practice of medical care to improve health outcomes. Kaiser Permanente Southern California clinician investigators are practicing physicians who bridge the gap between research and clinical practice. Typically, research in Kaiser Permanente is aimed at evaluating the impact at the bedside and using this perspective to conduct studies that answer meaningful and clinically relevant questions.

KPSC consists of more than 6,000 physicians that provide care to approximately 3.7 million members in clinic and hospital settings in our 13 medical centers.

Clinical Trials Division oversees the conduct of clinical research in collaboration with industry, government agencies, and academic institutions. Our experience with clinical trials includes Phase II to Phase IV drug and biologics, and pilot, pivotal, and post-market device trials, as well as behavioral-interventions. Currently there are over 300 active studies in diverse therapeutic areas.

Clinician Investigators

The Clinical Trials Division also encourages our clinician investigators to incorporate their clinical expertise and questions into investigator-initiated clinical trials. These trials support Kaiser Permanente's commitment to innovation, quality, and service. They also advance clinical care and Kaiser Permanente’s total health focus.

The division supports investigators as they conduct research, providing guidance on compliance with federal and state regulations as well as institutional policies and procedures.

Clinical Trials Services

Therapeutic Areas

Our clinician investigators are dedicated practicing physicians from diverse therapeutic areas and sub-specialties.

- Allergy
- Anesthesia
- Cardiology
- Cardiovascular Surgery
- Dermatology
- Endocrinology
- Family Medicine
- Gastroenterology
- Genetics
- Gynecological Oncology
- Hematology/Oncology
- Hepatology
- Infectious Disease
- Internal Medicine
- Metabolic Disease
- Nephrology
- Neurology
- Obstetrics/Gynecology
- Ophthalmology
- Pediatrics
- Psychiatry
- Pulmonology
- Radiology
- Radiation Oncology
- Surgery
- Urology
- Uro-Gynecology
- Vascular Surgery

Clinical Trials Programs

- Cancer Clinical Trials Access Program (CCTAP)
- Infectious Disease Research Trials Program
- Surgical Radiation Oncology Clinical Trials Access Program (SROCTAP)
- Pediatric Oncology Research Group
- Bone Marrow Transplant Research
- Hepatology Research

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