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Message from the Director

At the Department of Research & Evaluation, we focus on a different kind of discovery work.

Our scientists don’t work in a traditional laboratory, surrounded by test tubes, microscopes, and tissue samples. They aren’t looking for a drug that might cure cancer in 20 years, or a new vaccine that could halt an obscure infectious disease.

Instead, our scientists work in a real-world health care organization, surrounded by physicians, nurses, and other professionals who work every day to find better ways to protect and promote health. Our scientists seek innovations that those physicians, nurses, and professionals can put to use today to transform health in practical and meaningful ways.

Kaiser Permanente Southern California offers an incredibly rich environment for this kind of research.
  • We serve a diverse population of almost 4.4 million Kaiser Permanente Southern California members.
  • Our integrated system provides a full range of care, from well-baby visits to end-of-life palliative care.
  • Electronic health records track that care across outpatient and inpatient settings and include pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology services.
When we bring scientific expertise into this environment, it creates an incomparable opportunity to learn from the experiences of Kaiser Permanente Southern California’s clinical team. And as we find answers to important health questions, we partner with clinicians to use these findings to transform practice.

In the past few years, we have significantly expanded our scientific team, adding breadth and depth to our expertise in epidemiologic, clinical, and behavioral research. A new area of emphasis is health services research and implementation science, which supports our commitment to translational research. As our scientific teams continue to build out their research programs, we have added biostatisticians, programmers, project managers, research assistants, technical staff, and administrative staff.

I invite you to learn more about our research program through our website. If you have any suggestion on how to make improvements, feel free to email our Research Web Developer.

Be well and THRIVE.

Dr. Jacobsen's Signature

Dr. Steven Jacobsen and Sac Carreathers, senior director of research administration, outside of the Department of Research & Evaluation in Pasadena, California.
Steven J Jacobsen, MD, PhD
Senior Director of Research
Kaiser Permanente
Southern California